One day I looked at the diary I was using and realised it was no longer functional for me as a creative freelancer. I know that for me and many of my colleagues, some days there are many things to do and on others there are fewer things on the to do list. With many diaries prescribing outlines for each day and each of my days being entirely different, I found much of the page space was not being utilised.

The idea was cemented when I was on my way to a workshop and didn’t have a notebook or journal with me. I only had my diary and was trying to take notes and draw diagrams amongst the pages. After years of carrying both a journal and diary with me I just wanted one item that could function as both a journal and diary in one place.

I have created each day designed for people who have days beyond the nine to five, who believe in the tangible before the digital and expect each week to never be the same. A space where your creative life and real life can coexist in a functional, flexible and portable way.

Let life inspire art, and art inspire life.


Diary designer - Lauren Vassallo


Why the horse?

I chose a workhorse as the icon of each day designed to represent the unglamorous, yet necessary, work associated with being a creative freelancer. The daily grind and long hours that often go unrewarded, unnoticed, expected. A humble, hardworking animal that is strong and stunning.

When asked about the logo, people have suggested that the different gaits of a horse; walk, trot, gallop, canter; reflect the changing paces of freelance life, and the horse reminds them of a having a sense of freedom which is ultimately why they chose to be a freelance artist.

The idea is conceptual (like art is) and subjective (again, like art is!). My idea was to have an icon that was not associated with one particular art form, but symbolises a certain experience. 


each day designed was proudly designed on Gadigal land which was, is and always will be Aboriginal land.